Delivery Information

When should I order my laser cut Christmas cards?

We recommend you order your Christmas Cards at least two months before Christmas, preferably three for maximum discounts, however the 12th December is the last possible date.

What are the delivery times?

We quote 7-10 days guaranteed, depending on the date of your order and complexity this can be vastly reduced. Cards marked with an 'X' can be upgraded to Express and are delivered within 48hrs.

Will you just go ahead and print or will I see a proof first?

You will receive a proof showing EXACTLY how your card will be printed and you will have ample opportunity to amend and re proof before we go to print. Don't be fooled by sites with online proofing systems, these rarely give you the result shown on screen and can be hard to modify.

How long will it take to provide me with a proof?

We quote 1-3 days guaranteed, depending on the date of your order and complexity. Cards marked with an 'X' are usually the same day.

When is the last day I can order in time for the last business post?

It is recommended you order your Christmas Cards no later than 13th December for business purposes but earlier ordering is better.

How many should I order?

We recommend that you order a few spare Christmas Cards to allow for mistakes, to send to newly aquatinted friends, colleagues or clients, or for mishaps when writing. If you need to order more Christmas Cards later, they will be charged as a new order, with a minimum quantity of 20.

What wording should I choose?

We offer a selection of greetings to suit different corporate and personal styles. You may choose one of these standard greetings or write one of your own.

Can I have foreign text on my Christmas Cards?

We can print your Christmas Cards in any language other than English for a small charge. Please provide the wording as a word document.

Can I include additional information with my Christmas Cards?

Often the a company will wish to add extra information such as directions to the Christmas Party. We can print this information for you on separate note cards, in a variety of colours to complement your Christmas Cards.

When do I send out my Christmas Cards?

Ideally, you should send your Christmas Cards out no later than 21st December for first class or 18th December for second. Businesses should typically allow an extra week.

What are printed envelopes?

Your Christmas Cards will come with envelopes as standard. For an additional charge, you may also choose to have your name and address printed on the flaps of other envelopes so that undelivered items will be returned to you. We can also offer a name printing service for orders of over 500 cards.